FREE Private Hire

Prince Arthur is a funky London pub which combines wood paneled walls, 60's style furnishings and provocative art. It is the ideal size for parties from 50 to 110 people, where you get the whole venue! 

We do the private hire on Saturdays and Sundays. There is no hire charge for the pub, it is easy to get to - and easy to get home from, just you need to be at lease 40 people to hire the venue privately.



Party hours 

You can start your party at any time (pm) and we can stay with you until 12 midnight. You just need to make sure to be 40 people by two hours after your party starts.



You can plug in an ipod, laptop or mp3 player into our system and play your own music. Please just bear in mind that there is no USB plug available. We can also make space for a dance floor.

 You can of course have your own DJ or live music in our venue as well. 



We have a fantastic team of resident chefs which can be utilized for food if you would like. Also we have a buffet menu as well which you can choose your items and enjoy ( minimum order for 20 people ). Whatever your budget we can fulfill your needs. We would normally recommend for you to come up with a budget you are happy with and work backwards from there. 

Please visit our Food page to find our buffet menu.

We are not able to let you bring your own food or drink , and any food or drink must be purchased from us.


Hire charge & Minimum Spend

There is no minimum spend, although, you would need to get at least 40 people here to hire the pub. 

There is a minimum payment of £1600 if you are less than 40 people.


Terms of Booking

To hold the pub for your booking we Need a £200 deposit which is refundable If you do cancel the booking  with at least 7 days notice before your party date. If you cancel the reservation with less than 7 days notice the £200 deposit will be taken as a cancellation fee.

The deposit will be refunded to you at the end of your party, or you can spend it in our venue at the party day if you are at least 40 people by two hours after your party starts.


What happens if you book for more than 40 people and you are not at the party day?

In this case, if you are not 40 people by two hours after your party starts, you have two choices:

1. We open the door for public, and your deposit will be taken as cancellation fee.

2. You secure £1600 minimum payment for your party and continue privately.


Our Capacity

Our capacity inside is 110 (70 seat),  Plus around 70 seat outside. We can take a booking of maximum 110 people for private hires. 


Unfortunately our venue is not suitable for people with mobility problems and there is no accessible toilet available.


You can put up decorations as long as they don't cause damage to the pub when putting up/taking down. They can be put up at the beginning of the night (preferable) or we can give access in the day time before you party starts with a pre-arranged time slot. PARTY POPPERS are not allowed.


If you would like further assistance and to check availability then please call us on 0207 387 2165 or Email